Sandbox Print

Painting for Poster-SandboxWritten by: Gino Dilorio.
Venue: Garter Lane Arts Centre, Waterford.

Date: October 29, 30,31, 2009

World Premiere


In Sandbox, three American soldiers find themselves caught in the no man’s land of “Ambush Alley”, near the border of Iraq and Syria. Ted McClain and Jason Platt are fast tracking soldiers, looking for action and quick promotions. They convince Ramona Valdez to join them in an attempt to capture a supposed insurgent near the Syrian border, while also lining their pockets with anything they can steal. After a firefight goes horribly wrong, the wounded three find themselves trapped with Hassan, a suicide bomber, determined to kill himself and the infidels who have invaded his country. Sandbox is the story of young people at war, prisoners of their situation as well as their own beliefs. This play is running during the Imagine Arts Festival.

Soldiers in Iraq