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Poster of Play - Are You The Wife of Michael Cleary?Written by: New York playwright Gino Dilorio.
Abymill Theatre, Fethard, Co.Tipperary
Date: May 2006


Mr.Dilorio, Professor of theatre studies at Clark University, New York became interested in the story of the burning of the last witch in Ireland. He was awarded a bursary to come to Clonmel,Co.Tipperary to research the story.He was so impressed with the knowledge of the people in the area of a story which had happend almost a century earlier that he decided to write the play.Mr.Dilorio gave Stagemad the exclusive rights to produce his play. It was fitting that the world premiere was performed by Stagemad at the Abymill Theatre,Fethard,Co.Tipperary which is not far from where the incident occurred.  Mr.Dilorio attended this performance.

Other Venues:
Kilworth Arts Centre, Fermoy, Co.Cork – August 2006
St.Michael’s Theatre, New Ross, Co.Wexford – September 2006
Gealach Gorm Theatre, Kill, Co.Waterford – September 2006
Garter Lane Arts Centre, Waterford – February 2007
Garter Lane Arts Centre, Waterford – January 2008
Irish Arts Centre, New York – January 2008

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Picture of cast of Are You the Wife of Michael Cleary in New York

Cast of 'Are You the Wife of Michael Cleary', in New York.