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Sunday, 15 January 2017 13:38
                      FREE EVENT
  Stagemad at The Little Room,Garter Lane Arts Centre Sep 3rd@6pm.
  Tickets available at Garter lane Box Office:051 
 After a short summer break A Little Room is open again and this month we welcomed Nicola Spendlove back to the theatre development centre. Nicola is developing a new script entitled Five Year Plan. She has joined creative forces with James Power at Stagemad theatre company and Ben Quinlan (Director). Here’s what Nicola had to say about this exciting new piece;

“There were two themes I wanted to explore when I began developing with the director and actors of script for Five Year Plan.

The first was the dynamic of female friendship groups. As I grow older, I'm fascinated by the way the friends you grew up with are so different from the friends you make as an adult. The friends from your childhood can be people that you have so little in common with on paper, and yet you're bound by this intense love for each other that comes from having a shared history. I think because of that, you forgive each other a lot of things that you might not other people- I'm really interested in writing about how that dynamic can play out, and can be abused to an extent- whether intentionally or not.

The second theme was addiction. I have, at many points in my life, had an unhealthy relationship with alcohol- but I'd never call myself an addict. Speaking to others, it seems I'm far from alone in my experience within Irish society. I'm curious about where the line is- when do we start labelling substance abuse as a problem?

When I brought the script to James Power and Stagemad Theatre Company. I was delighted that they wanted to support me in this endeavour. I was thrilled when Ben Quinlan came on board as director- he has taken the script and read it in a completely unique way, and developed such a creative touch to the piece. Our team, Ema Lemon, Megan Kelly, and Abi McCormick, have immersed themselves in the whole process.

The A Little Room residency has afforded us the opportunity to play around with the script and direction, and come up with a proposed version of the first three scenes for our presentation to the public in the A Little Room space at Garter lane Arts Centre Studios, 5 O’Connell Street, on Tuesday 3rd Sept @ 6pm. It is a free event and booking will open at Garter Lane’s box office very soon.

We are proud and excited by what has come out of this experience so far, and we can't wait to hear your feedback on what we have produced so that we can improve even more.”

The controversial 'Jetty Stars' by Noel Kelly.One of Waterford's finest playwrights. Noelle Clarke pictured here in rehearsal plays Stella, the returning ‘Jetty Star’,( a local name for prostitutes who plied their trade on the city centre docks), has provided Noelle with a real challenge for her acting and characterisation talents. In a play that has been described as ‘Gritty’, ‘Edgy’ ‘a Waterford we don’t want to talk about’. This is a Waterford story. "Stagemad Theatre Company are willing to talk about it" Garter Lane Fri 20th and Sat 21st Sept@8pm. Booking now 051 855038

Stagemad and 'Howie The Rookie heading west this July.
Huge thank you to Saint John's Theatre, Listowel, for supporting us with this production.Great to be performing at the home of John B.

GET YOUR TICKETS NOW AND LET FINTAN KELLY TAKE YOU ON A "white-knuckle ride through a nightmare Dublin, where enemies and allies are interchangeable, where most brutal events take on mystic significance...."

The National Opera House and Stagemad Theatre Company are proud to present "Howie The Rookie" Thursday 4th April and Friday 5th April @ 8pm.
Tickets are €15 and on sale now at box office Opera House. Please call the box office Box Office on 353 53 912 2144, Mon - Sat, 9:30am - 5:30pm.
Early booking is advised.

It's a great night of theatre that's not to be missed.
Enniscorthy native Fintan Kelly stars in this highly charged, funny and powerful production from writer Mark O'Rowe. Directed by James Power, artistic director of Stagemad.

Fintan Kelly performance is stunning and powerful, a performance that enhances his reputation, as an actor who is going places fast.

Stagemad are Munster Express/Dooleys Hotel South East Culture Award winners 2011.
The company has been highly acclaimed with such reviews as:
“Watch out for Stagemad! You’d be mad to miss them” -Munster Express.
“Stagemad has their finest hour” - Waterford News and Star.

The play tell the story of Howie Lee as he gets dragged into a bizarre feud of honour involving a scabies-infested mattress against The Rookie Lee, which spirals out of control and ends in his own personal tragedy.
The Rookie has problems of his own: Massively in debt to a terrifying gangland figure for killing his prized Siamese fighting fish, he steels himself for a hideous revenge until he is championed from an unlikely quarter by his onetime enemy.

Howie The Rookie is a white-knuckle ride through a nightmare Dublin, where enemies and allies are interchangeable, where most brutal events take on mystic significance.

Critics have been magnanimous in their praise of the play.
“Mark O'Rowe's extraordinary play, drives you to the depths of humanity's horror, then stops your stomach churning by demanding that you laugh”- The Irish Times.
"...ripe with propulsive syntax, musical repetitions and majestic hyperbole that somehow keep speech on a gut level of engagement... It’s a clipped, highly kinetic poetry that transforms even a a quarrel over babysitting into something like Ulysses battle with cyclops” - New York Times.
“It is, quite simply, Greek in its power of catharsis while piling lau
ghter. Euripides would be proud to call Mark O'Rowe a brother in art” - Irish Independent.

 “It is, quite simply, Greek in its power of catharsis while piling laughter. Euripides would be proud to call Mark O'Rowe a brother in art” -Irish Independent
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Tuesday, 16 August 2016 13:26
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Tuesday, 16 August 2016 13:43
As part of Waterford's Imagine Arts Festival, Stagemad Theatre Company presents “Foxy Divil” written and performed by Brian Quinn.
Central Arts,The Quay,Waterford City.

Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th October, 2016 @ 8pm

Tickets €10 - Book now at

Frankie, a homeless man, recounts the stories of his street life. Starting from what led him to take to the streets; we discover the tales and encounter the phantoms and angels of his waking days. He travels along the edge of sanity held together by the cocktail of gallows humour, strange bedfellows and the scourge of alcohol.

This is not a fight or a battle; it is an acceptance of the destination arrived at and the coping mechanisms that kick in. Ireland is in the center of a Homeless crisis and ’Foxy Divil' offers a funny and thoughtful insight at an ordinary man's life as one of 6,358 homeless in Ireland 2016.
"Funny, Powerful & Engaging" - Theater Reviews
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