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Thursday, 29 September 2011 10:03

Bofors Gun
 It is post war Germany 1954, a bitterly cold winter. The play is set in a run down gun-park where seven men, six gunners and an eighteen-year-old lance-bombardier who are trapped in a futile situation which drives the wildest of them Gunner O' Rourke an Irish bandit with a death-wish to increasingly extreme insubordination. The Bofors gun they guard is obsolete. The events of the play unfold with great humour and biting irony, as Gunners Crawley, Flynn, Shone, Rowe and Featherstone try their utmost to prevent O'Rourke going off the rails, while they constantly disregard Lance-Bombardier Evans orders.

This is a real lad’s night out at with a cast of 11 males. Why not bring along your partner and laugh and cry together but most of all have a great night of theatre.
Dates of performances: Wed 23rd, Thurs 24th, Fri 26th, Saturday 27th November 2011 at 8pm nightly. 
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